Kit for STMicro STM32 Discovery F3 or F4, two 2x25 Sockets and two BB2 PCBs

  • The BusBoard zig-zag pattern gives access to both odd and even pins of the Discovery board dual row (DIL) headers the entire length of the board.
  • Two 2x25 sockets and two BB2 boards provided with the kit, one for each side of the Discovery F3 or F4 module.
  • Solder mask helps to prevent solder bridges. Etched high-quality FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board.
  • 1oz/ft2 copper, Anti-tarnish coating for easy soldering.  Lead free and RoHS compatible.
  • Each BB2 board has 31 x 38 holes, 62 separate BusBoard traces, 0.037" holes are drilled on 0.1" (2.54mm) centers.
  • BB2 BusBoard2 is a 1 sided PCB with a Zig-zag Pattern, Size 2 = 100 x 80mm (3.94 x 3.15in)
The 50-pin dual row headers used on the STMicro Discovery-F3 and Discovery-F4 modules prevents them from being used with breadboards. It is difficult to access the inner row of pins when using stripboard or pad-per-hole prototyping boards.

BusBoard makes it easy to make connections to both rows of the Discovery board 2x25 headers. The BusBoard zig-zag pattern brings out the even pins on the wide tracks and odd pins on the narrow tracks. Therefore each signals is available the entire length of the prototyping board. This makes BusBoard a very useful tool for interfacing to Discovery-F3 and Discovery-F4 modules (STM32F3DISCOVERY and STM32F4DISCOVERY).

The BusBoard-3U zig-zag circuit pattern can connect two DIL headers pin-to-pin without cutting tracks or adding wires. One can easily add a 50-pin header that is connected to the 50-pin socket. Opposite sides of the connector are on separate tracks. The wide and narrow track widths and locator holes help identify which pads are connected. The solder mask helps avoid shorts when soldering.