POW PowerBoard Box3 Kit (KBOX3-AL-POW)
BOX3-1455L, Aluminum Box, For BPS Size 3 PCBs, With 5 Card Guide Slots, (160 x 100 x 30.5 mm)
  • 6 hole strips with interleaved power and ground rail tracks on a high-quality, single-sided FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board.
  • 38 x 62 holes, 0.037" holes are drilled on 0.1" (2.54mm) centers.
  • Box is extruded aluminum with metal end plates and polycarbonate plastic bezels.
  • 5 built-in card guides; screws & self adhesive rubber feet included.
PCB Description:

The PowerBoard-3U prototyping circuit board has interleaved power and ground rails to easily distribute power to your circuits. It has a general purpose strip board circuit pattern with 6 holes per strip for analog and digital use. It is a single-sided board with holes on 0.1” centers.

The PCB accepts a 96 pin DIN-41612 VME connector for backplane or board-to-board applications. Holes for ejector latches are provided.

Enclosure Description:

The BOX3-1455L is an extruded aluminum enclosure for electronic projects. The enclosure is designed for BusBoard Prototype Systems 3U sized prototype PCBs (100x160mm boards) which are the standard Eurocard/VME 3U size.

PC boards mount horizontally by sliding into 5 built-in card guide slots. Two aluminum end panels are provided with attractive plastic bezels to hide the seams. The screws are recessed flathead type to provide a flat surface. The silver aluminum is clear anodized for protection from the elements. The end panels and the top plate can be removed for easy drilling or cutting of holes. Screws and adhesive rubber feet are included.


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Where to Purchase:

Silver BOX3 with POW3U PCB (KBOX3-AL-SV-POW)