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0.18" Adhesive Standoffs (SA180)
SA180 Adhesive Standoffs, Offset 0.6x0.6" Base, Fits 0.125" PCB Hole

  • Low profile 0.180" standoff height.
  • Offset base allows use when holes are close to the PCB edge. 0.6 x 0.6” square base size.
  • For use in 0.125" diameter PCB holes, integrated clip locks PCBs in place.
  • Material: Nylon 66(UI)  Flame Class: 94V-2
  • 3M Adhesive Tape Backing.

The SA180 are low-profile adhesive standoffs with a 0.180" standoff height. It securely attaches your PCB to a flat surface The post inserts into a 0.125” mounting hole. The post includes a locking tab that secures the PCB when inserted. It can be used with 1/16” or 1/32” thick PCBs.

The 0.6 x 0.6” square base is offset to allow the base to be underneath the board when the mounting hole is close to the PCB edge. The offset base provides a large sticking surface while permitting the PCB to be mounted in tight spaces or close to walls. This can be useful when working with small enclosures.

High-quality 3M brand double-sided tape secures the standoff to a flat surface.


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0.180in Adhesive Standoffs - 8 Pack (SA180x8)

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SKU#: SA180x8

SKU#: SA180x8

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SKU#: SA180x8

0.180in Adhesive Standoffs - 24 Pack (SA180x24)


SKU#: SA180x24

0.180in Adhesive Standoffs - 100 Pack (SA180x100)

SKU#: SA180x100

SKU#: B00R5011OC

SKU#: SA180x100

0.180in Adhesive Standoffs - 500 Pack (SA180x500)

SKU#: SA180x500

SKU#: B00R50BY2G

0.180in Adhesive Standoffs - 1,000 Pack (SA180x1000)

SKU#: SA180x1000

SKU#: B00R50S4IS