Solderless and Solderable PCB BreadBoards for 1660 tie-point breadboard projects

  • 1660 tie points total: 1260 tie-point IC-circuit area plus four 100 tie-point distribution strips providing 8 power rails.
  • ABS plastic body with black printed legend. Color legend on distribution strips.
  • Contacts are Phosphor Bronze with Plated Nickel Finish, rated for 50,000 insertions.
  • Rated at 36 Volts, 2 Amps.
  • Insertion Wire Size is 21 to 26 AWG, 0.016 to 0.028 inches diameter (0.4 to 0.7mm diameter)
  • Peelable adhesive tape backing provided for attaching to a surface. Metal back plates provided.
  • Size: 6.5 x 4.3 x 0.3in (165.1 x 108.6 x 8.5mm)
  • Solderable PC BreadBoard, 6 Mounting Holes, Matches Double-BB830 breadboard
  • Same pattern as two standard 830 connection point BB830 solderless plug-in breadboards sideby-side.
  • Single-sided high-quality FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board.
  • 1oz/ft copper with an anti-tarnish coating for easy soldering.  Lead free and RoHS compatible.
  • 2528 holes, 0.042" holes are drilled on 0.1" (2.54mm) centers.  6 mounting holes.
  • 3.65" tall, 7.25" long, 1/16" thick (92.7 x 184.2 x 1.6mm)
BreadBoard-1660 is a solderless (plug-in) breadboard with 1660 connection tie-points (i.e. 1660 wire insertion holes). It has 8 power rails. Solderless breadboards are great for building and testing new circuits because parts can be easily inserted and removed. They are completely re-usable. The BB1660 has two 630 tie-point IC-circuit areas plus eight 50 tie-point power rails. The housing is made of white ABS plastic, with a printed legend giving numbers and letters for columns and rows. The internal contacts are phosphor bronze with a plated nickel finish. A peelable adhesive tape backing is provided for attaching it to a surface and optional metal back plates are provided. BPS BreadBoards are Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant. Finished projects can be moved to an SB1660 Solderable PC BreadBoard to make them permanent.
The SB1660 Solderable PC BreadBoard enables you to transfer your circuit and wires from a plugin breadboard without changing your layout. The SB1660 has the same pattern and spacing as two standard 830 connection point BB830 solderless plug-in breadboards side-by-side. It has a standard 5-hole strip for each IC pin, just like solderless breadboards. It provides the reliable long-term connectionsof soldered joints.

The SB1660 has eight power rails like two solderless breadboards, plus four bonus rails for power or signals. There are bonus two-hole pads along the centerlines allowing DIL (dual in-line) headers to be used. A top side silkscreen helps to position components.  Six mounting holes allow your projects to be secured.

BPS prototyping boards use high-quality FR4 glass epoxy PCBs for long life. An anti-tarnish coating protects the copper for a long shelf-life and provides easy soldering. BPS boards are lead-free and RoHS compatible.