Atmel DIP40 AVR Dev Board, Unpopulated 2 Sided PCB

  • Development board for Atmel 40 pin AVR microcontrollers with 16k, 32k, 64k or 128k flash program memory (ATMEGA164PA, ATMEGA324PA, ATMEGA644PA, ATMEGA1284P).
  • Each port is brought out to a 2x8 header footprint for easy expansion. 2 serial ports and peripherals are brought to connectors. ISP and JTAG connector for debugging. LCD connectors.
  • All thru-hole construction allows for easy assembly. A DIP IC socket option allows easy IC replacement.
  • Connectors are on a 0.1” grid for proto-board expansion. Prototyping area provided.
  • Double-sided, FR4 glass-epoxy PCB, 1oz/ft2 copper, anti-tarnish coating. Soldermask silkscreen. Lead free and RoHS compatible.
The AVR1284-3U is a development board for 40 pin AVR microcontrollers. All the interfaces are brought out to various connectors to easily hook up to accessory boards and peripheral ICs.

This is an unpopulated board and no parts are included.  The BOM (bill of materials) and schematic diagram are available below to construct the circuit. Soldering is required and prior experience with electronic assembly is recommended. A PCB soldermask helps prevent solder bridges on tracks and a silkscreen legend provides part locations. All thru-hole construction allows for easy assembly, maintenance, and modification.

All headers are on a 0.1" grid to allow accessory proto-boards to span multiple connectors if needed. The power input connector can be a coaxial barrel connector, a 2-pin terminal block, or a MTA-100 connector or 0.1" spacing header. LCD displays can be connected using 1x16, 2x7 or 2x8 connectors.

Atmel offers microcontrollers with many memory sizes in the same 40-pin pinout. Therefore it is possible to use the AVR1284-3U board with 64k, 32k, and 16k microcontrollers to save money.

Each port connector has +5V power, ground, and the 8 port bits. A DIL16-to-DIP16 ribbon cable can be used to carry the signals, power, and ground to a breadboard. The DIP16 connector on the ribbon cable plugs directly into the breadboard. There are 6 uncommitted lines on the headers if you want to add additional signals to the ribbon cable.

The AVR1284-3U board uses removable UART interfaces called ComBoards. It is easy to switch between different connectors and interface types. There are modules for RS323-DCE (DB9F), RS232-DTE (DB9M), and RS485 interfaces. The RS485 interface can use RJ45 jacks for CAT-5 cable or a terminal block.